Plans of Altigenerator

Include :


A drawing on the scalle 1/1 (1200 X 1000 mm).


Drawings of all the parts included in the Altigenerator with their dimensions. (15 pages 210 X 297mm)





Altigenerator is assembled as a "mécano" it is made of parts bolted together. It just needs some welding and a few machine parts. So it is almost a kid's game to built it . With the drawing 1/1scale.This drawing at the real size will allow you to trace most of the parts directly onto the metal sheets.Then you just have to cut and check on the drawing if they fit to make a perfect assembly...This frame is done for a Solo 210 cc engine but it is easy to use any other engines with propeller directly on the shaft or using a reduction gear and why not an electric engine.

To receive those plans and realise your Altigenerator, you just have to give me your mailing adress and send payment of 100€+20€ (expedition) = 120 €

or by a bank transfer (payable in Noumea)

As soon as the amount is credited on our bank, I will send the set of plans and then you can start building your Altigenerator.

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